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Chasers is a Telegram (messaging app with 200M+ users) chat-bot which searches for nests and e-scooters available for a charge. When it locates one near you, you will get push notification immediately.

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Check out what the Chasers chat-bot can do!

Multiple Providers

Notification Settings

Control the notifications you get - by radius, price, last ridden, and more!

Live Location

Push notifications alert you in real-time of scooters in need of a charge or nests which pops out on the map near your current location!

The "Chase" Feature

Mark scooters and get notified when each one is no longer available for a charge.


Chasers receive alerts by Telegram, the most secure messaging app out there.

Nests Alerts

Be the first to know about new Nests available near you.

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1. Get Telegram

2. Start the Bot

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